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What to Do About Exhaust Trouble with Your Honda

Exhaust-System-Repair-North-Miami-BeachHearing the words “exhaust problem” can cause concern for any Honda owner, but not all issues with the exhaust system are serious. Many can be repaired quickly and economically if they are caught early on. Part of knowing what to do about exhaust trouble on your Honda is learning how to recognize the issues. Then, you can learn how to get a general idea of what the problem is so you are prepared when you take your Honda to your mechanic for an evaluation.

Warning Signs

There are numerous possible warning signs that your Honda is having exhaust trouble, and some of them can indicate other issues as well, making them complicated to diagnose. If your engine is making more noise than normal, this typically indicates an issue with the exhaust system, as it is responsible for reducing engine noise. Sometimes odd vibrations from your gas pedal or steering wheel may also indicate an issue, although these can also be related to brakes, steering, or other issues. If you notice a decrease in your Honda’s efficiency, this may also be related to your exhaust system, although you will first need to rule out other issues.

Check for an Exhaust Leak

The first step to diagnosing an exhaust issue is looking for the source of the leak. If a leak happens somewhere upstream of the muffler, it should be fairly easy to find. You will want to raise your Honda on a shop lift so you aren’t underneath hot pipes, which is why most people leave this task to their mechanics. As a general rule of thumb, deeper noises are caused by larger leaks and louder, sharper noises are closer to the engine.

Testing for Extra Backpressure

Your mechanic will also want to perform a basic test for excess backpressure. This backpressure is in nearly every exhaust system, and failure typically occurs because of a muffler that is internally damaged or a catalytic converter that is collapsed. To help diagnose this issue, you will watch the tailpipe and listen to the exhaust. Extra backpressure usually causes a quieter exhaust, and it tends to hesitate briefly when someone floors the throttle. This builds up pressure that is then released in a large whoosh. If there is a hesitation followed by a quick burst of power, it may indicate a blockage.

The technicians at the service center at Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach, Florida, can help you diagnose any exhaust trouble with your Honda, ensuring that it doesn’t become a serious issue.