Top 5 Restaurants in North Miami Beach to visit in your Honda
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2015 Honda Accord North Miami Beach

Top 5 Restaurants in North Miami Beach to visit in your Honda Accord

North Miami Beach is an amazing place to be. The people of Honda of Aventura know this – and want to make sure you get the most out of your experience in the city with your new Honda Accord! Here’s a list of the top five restaurants you should take your Honda to – enjoy the ride, and the food!


When you think of great Japanese restaurants, you probably imagine sushi bars with fresh fish leaving you feeling light and airy. Yakko-San is not one of those places. A highlight of North Miami Beach life, visit late in the dar and indulge in the dishes that use a deep fryer.


So much more than kebabs! The fattoush salad, the raw and the fried kibbeh, the lentil soup, and the dolmas are just for starters. Every menu item at this friendly strip-mall restaurant is better than the last.

Panya Thai

You won’t find standard pad thai offerings at this different and delicious spot. With offal oddities like pig intestine soup, Panya is not for the squeamish. But sophisticated, worldly gourmands will appreciate rich curries full of depth and delightful pan-fried mussels in a crepe over bean sprouts with cilantro and fish sauce.

Jerusalem Market and Deli

This market and deli features a few tables in the middle, a Middle Eastern grocery store to your right, and a deli to your left. Head to the deli counter, where you’ll likely encounter Sam, who’ll make you smile (if not laugh) as he fills your pits or makes you a platter. There’s velvety hummus – say yes to paprika sprinkles – and baba ghannouj with some smokiness.

King Palace Chinese Barbecue

Bright-red ducks handing – beaks and all – and fish tanks stocked with fresh shellfish are commonplace in Chinatowns across the country, but in Miami, King Palace is a rarity. The red pork strips are a delicacy, as are the dumplings in the wonton soup. If you stop by during lunch hours, partake of the lunch specials with an entree – roast pork fried rice and a crisp egg roll for less than 10$.