Tips and Tricks When Your AC’s Not Working - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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AC Not Working North Miami Beach

Tips and Tricks When Your AC’s Not Working

AC Not Working North Miami BeachIf you notice an issue with the air conditioning in your Honda, you will want to take care of it right away. In most cases, the problem will be within the air conditioning system, but it may affect other parts of your car, as well. Because of this, taking care of it right away limits the potential for damage in addition to ensuring you stay nice and cool when driving around North Miami Beach.

Figure Out When It Doesn’t Work

Before you can start diagnosing what is wrong with your Honda’s AC, you need to figure out when it is not working. Remember that your engine needs to be on for the air conditioning to run. Check the air conditioning at various levels and other settings. Be sure to put your hand in front of the vents to see if any air is coming out and what temperature it is. Pay attention to any changes in temperature.

Listen to the Air Conditioning

One of the first things to do when you notice your AC is not working properly is to listen to it while it runs. If you hear any odd noises at this time, it may indicate that the issue involves your air compressor. You will need to have a North Miami Beach mechanic take a look and repair or replace it.

Smell the Vents

In addition to listening, you should also use your sense of smell. Put your nose by one of the vents while the AC is on and see if there is an odd smell. If you notice one, this can indicate that the cabin air filter needs to be changed or that you have a leak.

Check the Fuses

Find out where your car’s fuse panel is and make sure none is blown, as this may cause the air conditioning to stop functioning. The fuse panel is typically in the driver’s footwell, trunk, or under the hood.

The easiest way to diagnose your air conditioning and have it fixed quickly is taking it to a professional. The service center at Honda of Aventura can repair your AC or any other issue so you can drive around North Miami Beach without worrying about the Florida heat.