The Honda Ridgeline is Back In 2016 - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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2016 Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is Back In 2016

Honda has resurrected its mid-size sports utility truck, the Ridgeline, for 2016. Starting as Honda’s foray into the pickup truck market, production ended in mid-2014, with Honda announcing they were going to put some work into a new model to be released in two years. Now, the announcement has finally come for fans of the automotive maker: Honda will release an all-new iteration of the Ridgeline to ring in 2016 in style.

A Middle Line Between Car and Truck2016 Honda Ridgeline interior

The Honda Ridgeline was regarded as being more “car-like” than other pick-up trucks on the market. Honda chose to market the truck as an alternative to bulkier pick-ups such as the F-150 and Silverado. This was met with lukewarm reception, with truck lovers denying its ability to tow or carry as well as dedicated pick-ups, and that the engine’s power was not enough for an experience powerful enough for a true pick-up truck.

However, the Ridgeline was a viable compromise for those who wanted much more carrying power while still retaining some car-like feel. This was thanks in part to the closed-box unibody. This provided the right hybrid needed for those who didn’t need a truck enough to keep a juggernaut in their garage.

Honda Seeks to Address The Complaints Against the Ridgeline

Although the Ridgeline hasn’t been formally announced yet, Honda is aware of what plagued the previous Ridgeline models and will improve upon its weaknesses while bolstering the strengths. It will keep the signature closed-box unibody of the previous models to give it its distinct car-like feel and newer engine options such as Honda’s gas-saving “Earth Dreams” will be likely be available in place of the previous models’ weaker V6 engine.

The Ridgeline has not yet been released and will likely be revealed at the end of the year. When it does, visit Honda of Aventura to find out more about it or schedule a test drive.