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Community, Uncategorized / 17.10.2016

Both the 2017 Honda Ridgeline and the 2017 Chevy Colorado have seen recent updates to better appeal to drivers across the country. These two models prove that the midsize pickup segment is no longer neglected. The Colorado is more of a traditional pickup. The Ridgeline stands out from the crowd in design and features, making it a highly appealing choice. Riding and Handling Experts agree that the 2017 Ridgeline beats the 2017 Chevy Colorado when it comes to handling and ride quality. This is largely due to its car-like construction. The...

Honda Ridgeline, Uncategorized / 19.06.2015

Honda has resurrected its mid-size sports utility truck, the Ridgeline, for 2016. Starting as Honda’s foray into the pickup truck market, production ended in mid-2014, with Honda announcing they were going to put some work into a new model to be released in two years. Now, the announcement has finally come for fans of the automotive maker: Honda will release an all-new iteration of the Ridgeline to ring in 2016 in style. A Middle Line Between Car and Truck The Honda Ridgeline was regarded as being more “car-like” than other...