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Stop Considering the Nissan Quest and Start Buying Honda Odyssey Minivans

OdysseyFlexibility, comfort, and safety are factors making the 2016 Honda Odyssey minivan a preference by many. In the previous year both the Honda and the Nissan had the same high preference but now people consider the Honda more than the Quest. The Honda still retains its impressive nature considering the high degree of safety it has in comparison to the Nissan Quest.

2016 Honda Odyssey Convenience and Comfort

The Honda has illuminated mirrors on the front part protecting both the driver and the front passenger. In addition, it has a rear view mirror with some automatic dimming light; when a vehicle blind spot is detected by the Honda, it quickly alerts the driver promoting convenience. It is easy to clean the Honda on the inside because it comes with a removable dustbin promoting convenience.

Honda Odyssey Safety Enhancement

The Honda Odyssey Minivan has rear view mirrors all purposed for enhancing safety. The mirror comes in 3 dimensions to help the driver get a better view of what is behind him. The electronic breaks also play a large safety responsibility by enabling balanced wheel power preventing lock up for both front and back wheels. Safety is also enhanced by forward collision warning and lane departure warning in the Honda.

Odyssey Technology and Interior Features

The large 8-inch screen display is fun to have; it will warn on fuel consumption, connect with Bluetooth device for songs and also show all the received text messages. The Honda links make it easy to find out the nearby hotels and connect to the internet radio in addition to audio books. The mode of center seats is wide for comfort, and the third-row seats are easily folded to make a large cargo space. Entertainment in the van is ultra-modern with the ultra-wide rear entertainment system. The Honda Odyssey Minivan is not only fun to have but also comfortable in. It is sure nothing like the Nissan Quest because of its uniqueness.

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