Next Generation Honda Civic Gets More Power - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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Next Gen Honda Civic

Next Generation Honda Civic Gets More Power

In the spring of this year, Honda made a big announcement: the company will begin building turbo engines (in Florida!) later this year! What’s even better than that news? The engines will probably land in the next generation of Civics!

Civic Turbo Honda Turbo VTEC 2.0L

The engine itself will more likely than not end up being some sort of 1.5 liter turbo of unknown output in the Civic, which will help the model meet stricter emissions mandates and higher customer expectations for performance. This car could be here as early as the end of 2015, and the turbo engine will definitely give the car another outstanding characteristic.

According to Honda’s global R&D chief Yoshiharu Yamamoto, not every Civic will end up having a turbo engine. “Quite a bit will switch over to turbo, but there will still be some naturally aspirated ones remaining,” Yamamoto said, but he was decidedly vague about which of the current engines would stay and which of them would be taking their leave. Yamamoto also commented, “In America, there aren’t that many companies with turbo models. The power is very good.”

Aren’t you ready for a turbo-charged Civic of your own? Be on the lookout at your local Honda of Aventura dealership- make a phone call, make an appointment, get on the road in one of your own soon!