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Miami, The Regular Maintenance Your Honda Needs, And When


Scheduled Car Service Honda Aventura

Our Honda Certified Technicians at Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach, FL are here to help you maintain the needs of your Honda vehicle. Regular car maintenance is similar to getting a regular physical at your doctor. For a lot of people, they go to the doctor for a regular physical to make sure they are in tip-top shape and to catch any possible issues early. The same can be said for regular car maintenance. Responsible car owners will want to keep their car in shape and get regular checkups (scheduled maintenance), instead of waiting for a serious problem to arise. 

Knowing What Maintenance Your Honda Needs

The best bet for figuring out when any vehicle is going to need scheduled maintenance is to start with the owner’s manual that came with the vehicle. If you do not have the owner’s manual, these can also be downloaded online. For Honda Owners, you have the added benefit of Honda’s Maintenance Minder. Maintenance Minder, built into the on-board computer of your Honda, will notify you with a warning light when it is time for your vehicle to receive a specific service.

Regular Maintenance You May Do Yourself

There are some people who know the ends and outs of their car and prefer to handle all the maintenance on their own. You may not be one of these people, but there may still be a few regular maintenance things that you can do yourself. The most common of these being, changing the windshield wipers when needed or checking the fluid levels in your car to make sure they are maintaining a stable level.

Honda Service Center

When in doubt, take your car to the professionals. A car is a big investment and if you have a question or don’t understand when or even why you need to follow the scheduled maintenance plan, take your Honda to the service center at Honda of Aventura. There are a lot of independent repair shops out there, but going to a Honda Certified Technician could save you a lot of money and headaches. Honda Service Technicians will be able to explain to you how your Maintenance Minder is working for you, and how it runs diagnostics on your mileage and driving patterns to calculate your next scheduled service date.

The Service Technicians at Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach, FL can help you keep your Honda healthy! Schedule your appointment or stop in today!