Miami, Take a Closer Look at The 2016 Honda CR-Z Hybrid - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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Miami, Take a Closer Look at The 2016 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

2016 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Aventura

When shopping for Hybrids in 2016, shoppers have a lot more choices than they had when we first started seeing little Easter egg colored hybrids emerging onto the market. Today, drivers are able to decide if they want a hatchback, a sedan, even an SUV. For drivers that are looking for a hybrid vehicle, but that also want a sportier vehicle, the 2016 Honda CR-Z Hybrid is one they should check out.

2016 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Power and Efficiency

The first question people have when it comes to a hybrid is usually, how is the gas mileage? Being the only Hybrid to currently offer a 6-speed manual transmission, drivers will not be disappointed by the handling of the CR-Z. They also will not be disappointed by how few trips to the pump they have to take because of the great gas mileage this hybrid gets. The CR-Z is also available in a CVT engine, for those who prefer not to drive the manual.

2016 Honda CR-Z Hybrid 3 Mode Driving System

Honda really had all drivers in mind when engineering the 2016 CR-Z and its 3 mode driving system. Whatever you have in mind for your next drive, this CR-Z has you covered. Normal Mode offers a balance of performance and fuel efficiency and is great for your daily commute. If you have something a little more thrilling in mind, Sport Mode has you covered. Sport Mode optimizes the power delivery and steering to help ensure that you are getting the excitement of a sports car from your CR-Z hybrid. Running low on gas, or maybe going on a road trip and trying to get the most out of your gas tank? ECON Mode will optimize your CR-Z’s throttle response and even the air conditioning to make sure you are getting the maximum fuel efficiency possible.

If you have been looking for a Hybrid, but don’t want to sacrifice the fun you get when driving a sports car around North Miami Beach, visit Honda of Aventura and their expert staff will show you how the 2016 Honda CR-Z is the best of both worlds.

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