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Maintenance Tips to Save You Money in the Long Run

Maintenance Tips Honda Aventura

Car owners in North Miami Beach should understand they’ve made a huge investment when they bought the car. Even a pre-owned vehicle can be expensive. So why not work to keep your car running for as long as possible without expensive maintenance costs? Get your vehicle serviced when it is time, but pay attention to other things, too.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

Oil is important. But so is transmission fluid. When your gears begin to go out, or you can’t get into reverse, you’ll wind up with your car in the shop (or possibly the junkyard). Check your transmission fluid for a dark, cloudy color or metal shavings. Take it to your mechanic immediately for a flush and service. If this doesn’t sway you, consider a new transmission can run many thousands of dollars.

Rotate Your Tires

Tires can run anywhere from several hundred up to $1000, or more. To keep your tires rolling for longer, get them rotated twice a year. Tire rotation allows tires to wear evenly and will make them last longer. There’s no need to spend money on new tires if yours are doing just fine.

Check All Rubber Parts

In addition to your rubber tires, you should also pay attention to wipers, hoses, and belts. Replace wiper blades every six months, preferably after the winter season is over. You can even install new wiper blades on your own and they can be relatively cheap.

Hoses and belts should be inspected for cracking or any wear and tear. See your mechanic as soon as you can if you see anything amiss.

Dashboard Lights

2016 Honda CR-V Aventura Dash Lights

Did you ever see a light on your dashboard come on that you’ve never seen before? It can be a panic inducing experience, especially if you’re on the highways around North Miami Beach, stuck in rush hour, or far from home. It is important that you understand what each light means and what may occur when it comes on. Sometimes it might not mean much, but other times can mean it’s time to stop the car immediately and call a tow truck. Driving with warning lights on can mean a major fix costing you thousands of dollars and time without your car.

Keep Your Scheduled Maintenance

Don’t skip maintenance on your car. Even if you aren’t getting your oil changed every 3000 miles, be sure you know when you’ve hit that 7500 mile mark. Don’t go beyond 10,000 miles without an oil change. Check your owner’s manual for manufacturer preferred maintenance. You could even set your own schedule for things like washing your car (very important if you live near the ocean due to salt), cleaning out the inside, inspecting the paint for nicks and scratches, and more. The more you put into your car the more years you’ll get out of it.

If you need your car serviced and are in the North Miami Beach, Florida area, please call Honda of Aventura to schedule an appointment with our experienced and skilled mechanics.