Introducing the New Honda Pilot - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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2016 Honda Pilot

Introducing the New Honda Pilot

Honda has unveiled an update to their mid-sized crossover SUV at the Chicago Auto Show. Known for being the largest SUV available from Honda, the Pilot now features updated exterior systems and a refurbished system for the modern age. Even better, the Pilot now weighs less despite being more, having shed 300 pounds off its large frame. Honda has priced its shiny new SUV at $30,875.

Updated Exterior: Fancy New Lights and Sleeker Frame

The new Honda Pilot’s most noticeable feature is the sleeker, more modern frame. Gone are the box-like models of Pilots past. To add to this theme, the new Pilot features several updated options for your lights. You can opt for LED headlights with automatic high-low beam switching to protect your fellow drivers. You can also get daytime LED lights for increased visibility during the bright hours of the day. Options are also available for LED brake lights to provide a better signal to motorists following behind you.

A Safer Ride: Be Protected in the Cockpit

2016 Honda Pilot interior

In terms of safety mechanisms, the new Honda Pilot has several options available to protect its driver from the various woes on the road. Pilot owners can opt for side-mirror cameras, blind spot indicators, and systems to help you if you drift out of your lane or off the road. There are also options available for collision braking mitigation and a multi-angle backup camera. This car will be able to get you safely to your destination.

Extra Comforts: Make Your Ride Fun, Too

For those who want to splurge on the entertainment side of things, the Pilot can be outfitted with HD radio and an infotainment system for the potential seven other passengers in your ride.

Last, but certainly not least, the new Pilot uses less fuel than the previous model. Visit Honda of Aventura to learn more and make an appointment to test drive this vehicle.