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Improve Your Fuel Efficiency with These Gas Saving Tips

Honda Fuel Savings Tips North Miami Beach

If you want to enhance the fuel efficiency of your car, conserving gasoline can be a great way to do so. Saving gasoline not only can enhance your vehicle’s fuel efficiency but it can also save you a lot of money. Dealing with expensive gas prices regularly can often be a source of serious frustration for so many drivers out there.

Assess Your Air Filter

Save gasoline by assessing your vehicle’s air filter. It isn’t uncommon at all for cars to need to replace their air filters. If your air filter is squeaky-clean, it could enhance your gas mileage by an impressive 10 percent.

Schedule a Tune-up with Your Honda Service CenterHonda Fuel Savings Tips North Miami Beach

Get on the path to saving gasoline by getting a routine tune-up for your auto. If you maintain your car’s engine appropriately, you’ll be able to strengthen its mileage by a maximum of 4 percent. It is important to take your Honda to professionals that have been trained to work on Honda’s by the company that built them, you know you will be getting the best service possible for your Honda when you take your car to a Honda Service Center.

Refrain from Aggressive Braking

Refrain from aggressive breaking at all times if you want to conserve gasoline and attain better fuel efficiency. If you focus on the traffic ahead of you and brake in a slow and even manner, you should be able to give your fuel economy a nice boost (think upward of 20 percent).

Take a Look at Your Gas Cap

Many cars are equipped with gas caps that are either lost or faulty. Fumes that get out can be detrimental to fuel economy. They can also, however, lead to increased air pollution in your community. If you want to make your fuel mileage better, get your faulty gas cap replaced as soon as possible. You’ll be doing something good for the air in your surroundings as well. If you are not sure if your gas cap is faulty, ask the service center to check it for you.

Shut Your Windows

It can be nice to enjoy the wind as you go for a drive. Open windows, however, can also boost drag and even minimize your fuel economy. If you want better fuel economy, closed windows are key. If you are riding with your windows down because you are having trouble with your air conditioner, take you vehicle in to be serviced right away and have your air conditioner evaluated. The fix may be simpler than you thought.

To ensure you are getting the best Fuel Economy possible in your Honda, Visit the Honda of Aventura Service Center in North Miami Beach.