Importance of Scheduled Maintenance - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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Importance of Scheduled Maintenance

Honda Maintenance

Following an auto maintenance schedule will keep your vehicle reliable, and it will also assist in maintaining its resale value. Honda has developed its maintenance schedule based on the parts that need maintenance and when they need maintenance; Honda made them, so it can be assumed that they know how long they should last! In most cases, completing this minimum recommended maintenance is also required for keeping the vehicle’s warranty in good standing. We explain in more depth below:

Repair Costs

If, for any reason, your maintenance history does not meet or exceed the recommended minimums, you may have warranty claims denied by the manufacturer. If this happens, you may have to pay out of pocket for costly repairs. Regularly completing scheduled maintenance items like oil changes, filter changes and tune-ups can also keep your vehicle performing smoothly and getting good fuel economy.

Preserving Value

Perhaps the most important reason to following an auto maintenance schedule is to preserve the resale value of your vehicle. While all vehicles depreciate on an ongoing basis, completing recommended maintenance can help raise the resale value of your vehicle. Whether you foresee selling to a dealership or private party, having proof of all completed maintenance on the vehicle can increase the value of your vehicle. Some car buyers are fanatical about maintenance, and closely following an auto maintenance schedule will appease them. From the dealership’s end, a vehicle with a good maintenance record is easier to make a certified pre-owned vehicle. Whether you have scheduled maintenance completed at the dealership or an independent mechanic, be sure to save all documentation relating to maintenance items and other repairs in order to keep the warranty intact and raise the resale value of the vehicle.

For any additional questions regarding recommended maintenance or warranties, feel free to give Honda of Adventura a call. We’re here to help you get the most out of your Honda!