HR-V, CR-V, Pilot and Odyssey Awarded Best Cars for Families
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CR-V Pilot HR-V Odyssey Best Cars for Families Honda North Miami Beach

HR-V, CR-V, Pilot and Odyssey Awarded Best Cars for Families

CR-V Pilot HR-V Odyssey Best Cars for Families Honda North Miami Beach

Safety, comfort, flexibility, high performance, technology and fuel economy are factors that many families weigh when shopping for a new model. As a result, Honda has been recognized for its many models that meet these qualities to the satisfaction of many families. The US News and World Report recognize the varieties of its light truck models that is the; HR-V, Pilot, CR-V and Odyssey. The reason is that they all are packed full of family-friendly qualities and features.

Technology and the CR-V

The 2016 Honda CR-V has been made with the most amazing technology in relation to entertaining technology and fuel efficiency. Apparently the model has a lot of originality with the engine that is exceptionally performing because of the Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). Its technology is amazing as it is the first model to have incorporated the Honda sensing promoting its efficiency. The large cargo space and comfort, while listening and tracking directions from the 7-inch display audio touch screen display, is more than fantastic.

HR-V Versatility and Honda Pilot Space & Style

There are families who love style while still in need of space; the 2016 Honda HR-V accommodates the two factors in two one. Its versatility is one of its exceptional qualities, in that, it has a magic seat that can always go down to give room for more cargo space by folding the front left seat and the rest of the back passenger seat, it can also accommodate a cargo space of anything 8-feet long. The 2016 Honda Pilot in return is now the model for families in the elite class. Its beauty, room, and the top part can accommodate carrying of cargo items that are long. It has been made for a modern family and with the Pilot; every day is a new adventure.

The Breathtaking Odyssey Minivan

Besides the breathtaking the appearance of the Odyssey minivan 2016 its convenience for a family is great. The model Honda has ensured that its second-row center seats are flexible, and it’s just a lever pull to access them. Also, they can be folded to create more space for the 3rd-row seats. Elegance, class and comfort make every family miss owning the Odyssey minivan.

Visit Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach to see why the HR-V, CR-V, Pilot, and Odyssey are Award Winning Family cars. While you are there, take them out for a test-drive and see which one is the best fit for your family to drive around North Miami Beach.