How to set your clock in your Honda Accord - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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How to set your clock in your Honda Accord

Honda Accord Clock

Thanks to Honda’s newly redesigned touchscreen display screen and navigation system, it is easier than ever to set and personalize any and all of the display controls to your taste. Personalization is the future! But… How do you set the clock? The age old question for every vehicle that has ever had the capacity to have its clock set now has the smoothest, most efficient answer. Pay attention closely! If you do not read the next few sentences carefully, you’ll miss the whole thing. Your Accord needs you to focus right now.

First, you’ll learn a little shortcut on the touchscreen. Want to change the time on the clock? Just touch the clock, and all things clock-related are right there. Select “Clock Adjustment.” Then use the Up/Down keys, and press “Ok.” It’s that easy.

No, but really. It is that easy. Give it a try. Any other questions you might have about the display or about your Accord in general, Honda of Adventura would be happy to answer. Give us a phone call or stop in today!