How to Protect your Honda from Theft - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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How to Protect your Honda from Theft

Protect Your Honda from Theft North Miami Beach

Now that you have purchased your new Honda from Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach; of course you want to do whatever you can to keep it safe.  That is no problem since there are plenty of tips out there to keep your car and yourself safe from car thieves.

Lock the Doors to Your Honda

It seems simple, but it’s effective. Lots of people are in a hurry and forget to lock the doors of their vehicle when they get out and are either in a hurry or have their hands full. Many times, someone is going to be looking for the vehicle that has unlocked doors because it is much easier than trying to break in forcibly. It also draws a lot less attention if the thief can just walk up and open the door, rather than bust out your window. Thieves also look for anyone to be distracted. A suggestion would be to make it a habit to lock the car doors once everyone is outside the car. Use the remote lock, and wait to here the beep your car makes once it is locked.

Hide Your Valuables in Your Honda Protect Your Honda from Theft North Miami Beach

This one can be hard, depending on what belongings you keep in your car. If they are small electronics, they should be easy and not a big deal to hide, but if they are bigger you may have to hide them another way. One way you can do this is put bigger items in the trunk. Often people store purchases in the trunk so they can’t be seen. If a thief comes across a car that they can see has valuables in it, they may be more willing to take the risk of breaking your window to access the items. Even if they don’t steal your car, you are left to deal with a broken window and the loss of any items that were stolen. Hiding your valuables can make your vehicle less of a target to likely thieves. If you can’t hide your items, take them with you when you leave the car. Not only is this a good idea from an organizational standpoint, it is a good idea all around. If there is nothing in the car to steal, then your car isn’t a likely target. Car thieves are much less likely to steal from a car that doesn’t have anything in it, than one that has bags and other items that someone may want.

Use Equipped Alarm

Most modern Honda come with a key remote that helps them set the alarm when they are locking the doors. It is very common for these car alarms to go off for a number of reasons, but thieves do not like attention at anytime, especially those that don’t want to get caught. This sound that goes off is much like having your house equipped with motion sensor lights. You are less likely to be the target if the thief is going to gain more attention trying to break into your vehicle.

If the worse does happen and your car is stolen or damaged as a result of theft, once you get the vehicle back, make sure you take it to your Honda Service Center to be thoroughly checked out. Even if it is just stolen for a night of joyrides, it is important to make sure that there is no damage that you may not initially see.