How to Check to See if Your Honda Civic Needs New Tires? - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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How to Check to See if Your Honda Civic Needs New Tires?


2015 Honda Civic Tires Aventura

Changing the tires in your Honda Civic may seem like an unnecessary cost, but doing so is a matter of safety. If your tires are worn, you will have less control over your Civic, increasing your risk of a collision. The easiest way to see whether you need new tires is to have your mechanic take a look at them. If this isn’t an option or you would like to have a good idea of how to check yourself, consider the following points.

Look for Cracks, Gouges, and Bulges

A simple visual examination can give you a fairly good idea of whether you need to change the tires on your Honda Civic. If there are bulges along the sides, this indicates low tire pressure or possibly a slow air leak. You should also make sure there aren’t cracks or gouges. If you notice any of these things, have a professional look at it.

Checking the Tread Wear

For most people, the reason to change the tires on their Civic is tread wear. You can easily use a penny to check whether the treads on your tires are too worn. Put a penny in the tread, making sure Lincoln’s head is pointing down. If you see any part of his head, the tread is too worn and you will need to replace the tire. Some modern tires don’t require this test. Instead, they have wear bars that you can check; if the tread is worn to that point, it is time to replace the tire.

If you notice any of these things or unusual vibrations, take your Honda Civic to the service center at Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach, Florida, to have them checked and/or replaced.