HondaLink Keeps You Connected While Driving Your Accord Sedan - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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HondaLink Keeps You Connected While Driving Your Accord Sedan

Get ready to upgrade your Honda vehicle to be as smart as your phone. HondaLink is a mobile app that links your smartphone to your Honda vehicle, allowing it to do everything your phone does from a centralized command console. You will gain in-car access to online content, such as music, your social contacts, and a variety of other services. Transform your car into a symbol of the modern age and gain access to a 7-inch touchscreen that will seamlessly connect your driving experience to a wealth of online services.


The Honda App Package Provides All The Tools You’ll Need

HondaLink provides vehicle owners with four apps to enhance their driving experience. HondaLink Aha will give you access to podcasts, audiobooks, and internet radio stations. You’ll be able to find nearby accommodations such as gas stations and restaurants with HondaLink Connect. HondaLink Navigation will provide traffic data and instant updates with turn-by-turn directions, for $59.99. The HondaLink App Launcher will provide a hub with which to manage and call up your HondaLink applications. You can also gain access to the partner app iHeartRadio, giving you access to streaming music and live radio.

Integration with Your Car Display for a Seamless, Safe Experience

Looking at your smartphone while you’re driving is a dangerous habit that should be avoided. HondaLink integrates directly into your Honda’s LCD display so that you can safely utilize in the way that you’d change a radio station or adjust the volume on your music. Furthermore, the app learns with your travels. Locations will be saved into HondaLink so that you do not have to type up the address every single time you wish to go somewhere.

Users require an iPhone 5 or greater, plus a compatible Honda car to utilize these features. Find out more about HondaLink here or Honda of Aventura to get ahold of the proper equipment and setup.