Honda HR-V vs Honda CR-V: what are the differences?
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2015 Honda CR-V vs Honda HRV

Honda HR-V vs Honda CR-V: what are the differences?

Are you wondering whether you should get the Honda HR-V or the Honda CR-V? What are the differences? Which one suits you better? Here are four basic comparisons- price, fuel economy, and acceleration, that might help you determine which Honda crossover vehicle is the right one for you.


The MSRP for the HR-V is $19,995. The CR-V costs $4,330 more than the HR-V, making it 21.7% more expensive. Still, relative to the 2015 compact SUV/crossover price, $26,485, the CR-V is $2,160 cheaper, and relative to the average 2016 small SUV/crossover price, $24,095, the HR-V is $4,100 cheaper.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda HR-V 2016 engine

Honda HR-V 2016 engine

The CR-V is 8.0% more fuel efficient than the HR-V in the city. On the highway, it’s just as efficient. Both vehicles use regular unleaded fuel. Assuming 15,000 miles driven and $3.50/gallon of regular gas, the CR-V will cost about $1,750 to fill up for a year, and the HR-V will cost about $1,810. The CR-V will save you $60 per year, or $5.03 per month.

Relative to Class Averages:

  • Average 2015 compact SUV/crossover fuel economy: 22 mpg* City / mpg* Highway
    CR-V:+5 City / +6 Highway
  • Average 2016 small SUV/crossover fuel economy: 25 mpg* City / 32 mpg* Highway
    HR-V:+0 City / +2 Highway


During city driving, the CR-V outlasts the HR-V, with an extra 83 miles of range. On the highway, the CR-V can travel 71 miles farther, courtesy of its larger fuel tank. Over the course of a year of both city and highway driving, the CR-V should require 7 fewer journeys to the gas station.

Relative to Class Averages:

  • Average 2015 compact SUV/crossover range: 352 mpg* City / 450 mpg* Highway
    CR-V:+61 City / +70 Highway
  • Average 2016 small SUV/crossover range: 318 mpg* City / 422 mpg* Highway
    HR-V:+12 City / +27 Highway


The engine in the CR-V LX SUV is responsible for moving 2.3 fewer pounds per horsepower than the HR-V LX SUV, endowing it with a power-to-weight ratio that is 11.2% better. Both have FWD systems, so neither has a significant traction advantage over the other when accelerating from a standstill.

It can be a tough call, and most of the differences are close comparatively, so get to Honda of Aventura today and test drive them both for yourself!


*2015 EPA-estimated mpg equivalent. Actual mpg will vary based on driving habits, charging practice, battery age, weather, temperature and road/traffic conditions. Battery capacity will decrease with time and use. For more information on mpg and range, please see