Get the Scoop on the Latest Civic
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2016 Honda Civic

Get the Scoop on the Latest Civic

In the market for a great four door sedan? Looking for state-of-the-art safety features and incredible mileage? Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach, Florida can hook you up with the 2015 Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has been a much-loved car for decades – and is still one of the best on the market. Read on to learn more about why the new Honda Civic deserves your love, too!

InteriorHonda Civic Interior

The 2015 Honda Civic is equipped with HondaLink, a newer info-tainment system for the Honda Lineup. It turns your Civic into a smartphone, only less distracting than your handheld. The push button start makes turning your car on easy and hands-free! Along with the ECON button, which allows you to instantly adjust the fuel-consuming systems, the sedan is advanced while remaining simple to use. The rest of the interior lives up to the name of Honda – and the previous generations of the civic. Comfortable interior from the seats to the steering wheel to the arm rests!


The Civic is offered in eight trim levels. Traditional Civic models offer LX, HF, EX, and EX-L trims, along with a new SE. Sporty drivers might be interested in the Civic Si. For fuel economy buffs, there’s the Civic Hybrid and the Civic Natural Gas.

In the new-for-2015 Honda Civic SE, there is a featured 7-inch Display Audio interface that functions like a smartphone, so you can tap, swipe and pinch to use intuitive features like Phone, Audio, Info, HondaLink and more.

Also in the 2015 Honda Civic SE, you can utilize automatic climate control. Pick you desired temperature – like you might at home – and let the intuitive system do the rest as it picks up the right combination of air conditioning, heating and ventilation to keep your car comfortable for you.

To get to know the 2015 Honda Civic even better, join us at Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach today!