Honda Crosstour in North Miami Beach - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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2015 Honda Crosstour

The Honda Crosstour is a Versatile Vehicle for North Miami Beach

The new Honda Crosstour takes its job very seriously. With both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive options, the Crosstour is built with a driver in mind. Each of the trims display characteristic Honda ingenuity coupled with the good looks that one expects from a Honda vehicle. Dependability and reliability are key in the Crosstour. The Honda Crosstour is also one of the safest in its class.

What to Expect from Your New Crosstour

Crosstour is not a Traditional Crossover

2015 Honda Crosstour The Crosstour is Honda’s mix of a crossover and a station wagon. As unwieldy as that might sound in words, the actual handling of the vehicle belies the premise. The handling of the Crosstour is something that you would be glad to experience in any type of car and is surprising in a large vehicle like this. The spacious interior makes it easy to transport anything of any size, once it can fit into the car itself. The standard engine has a pretty good kick, but there’s always a V6 option for people who want to put pedal to the metal and eat up the road. Honda has built this car with safety for the driver and passengers in mind, and technology such as Honda LaneWatch and a standard rearview camera only ensures the safety of the vehicle and those in and around it.

The Crosstour is a marvel to behold, but you won’t believe it till you rest your hands on the steering wheel yourself. Call Honda of Aventura today to book your test drive and see how a car like this operates in your own hands.