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Honda Tips, Service, Uncategorized / 31.10.2016

You should know plenty of ways to increase your fuel economy in your Honda. In addition to driving without aggression and accelerating smoothly, you can decrease the weight of your vehicle and keep up with regular maintenance. While most car repairs can make at least a small impact on your fuel economy, certain maintenance services will have a much larger impact than others will. Here are some of the most important services to have performed on your Honda to boost gas mileage. Replace the Mass Airflow Sensor The mass airflow...

Honda Tips, Uncategorized / 10.10.2016

As a car owner, you try to take care of your vehicle, but everyone is guilty of occasionally treating his or her car poorly. Most of the time, these terrible things we do to our cars are simply because we don’t think about it or know any better. Other times, it is pure laziness. It is never too late to stop these bad habits and start caring for your car properly. Here are 10 of the most important things to avoid. Waiting for Scheduled Maintenance Never put off scheduled maintenance....