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Honda Civic, Honda Maintenance, Uncategorized / 23.09.2015

  Changing the tires in your Honda Civic may seem like an unnecessary cost, but doing so is a matter of safety. If your tires are worn, you will have less control over your Civic, increasing your risk of a collision. The easiest way to see whether you need new tires is to have your mechanic take a look at them. If this isn’t an option or you would like to have a good idea of how to check yourself, consider the following points. Look for Cracks, Gouges, and Bulges A...

Community, Honda Maintenance, Uncategorized / 11.09.2015

If you regularly check to make sure your Honda’s tires are properly inflated and occasionally rotate your tires, you may think it isn’t necessary to keep up with wheel alignment as well. Many drivers feel that apart from occasionally losing pressure or getting a puncture, tires will be fine. However, your wheel alignment plays a key role in the normal functioning of your Honda’s wheels, tires, and overall performance. What Is Wheel Alignment? During the process of wheel alignment, a technician will take the time to make sure that all...