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Certified Preowned Honda, Community, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Uncategorized / 10.08.2016

When people first start driving it's hard to be steered to the right direction, with what car we should get. As a teenager, it's even more challenging as you're just getting into the world of driving, so everything is a little hectic. One of the best brands for young adults is Honda, as they are reliable, safe, and durable. These are the top choices of Honda vehicles for teenagers. 2007 Honda Element 2007 First off is the mid-sized SUV, The 2007 Honda Element. This model is perfect for safety that...

Certified Preowned Honda, Uncategorized / 29.01.2016

North Miami Beach residents looking to purchase a Honda, and who don’t want to pay for a brand new car, can go through a private seller, get one off a used car lot, or look into getting a car that is part of Honda’s certified pre-owned program. There are several reasons why the certification is the best route for anyone looking to buy a Honda that is not new. Hondas 182 Point Inspection To become certified, the vehicle goes through a rigorous 182-point inspection by trained Honda service technicians. These...