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Car Maintenance Myths

Car Maintenance Myths Honda Aventura

All drivers have heard advice on how to keep their car running longer, or what to do when this or that event occurs. However, while it might be well-intended, some of this advice is more myth than fact. Here are some of the top myths you may have heard in North Miami Beach.

Inflate Your Tire to Amount Shown on Sidewall

Not every vehicle of the same model will have the same tire, so why would you fill your tires on your sedan the same way your neighbor does on his hatchback? Although it seems right, the PSI (pound per square inch) on the tire’s sidewall is the maximum amount the tire can hold and not the preferred amount. Instead, check the sticker on the driver’s side doorjamb or your owner’s manual for the right amount of PSI to fill your tires.

Change Your Oil Every 3000 Miles

This was true with cars many years ago, but is no longer the case. Engines that are designed today can go as far as 7500 before the oil needs to be changed. Synthetic oil allows cars to go much further than oil changes used to. Check your owner’s manual to see the recommended mileage for an oil change. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Premium Gas is Better for Your Car

If you have a car with a high-compression engine, or are worried about pre-ignition problems, then premium gas might be better. However, most cars are designed to take regular gas. Buying gas that is higher than 87octane is mostly a waste of money. However, it doesn’t hurt your car to have premium gas even if it doesn’t require it.

Warm Up Your Car before Driving

Modern engines do not require you to warm up the engine prior to driving it. The best way to warm up your engine these days is to simply drive. The best performance comes with a warm engine and will give you the best mileage. You should not rev your engine during the first few miles after you’ve started driving.

The Battery is Recharged after a Jump Start in Only a Few MinutesCar Maintenance Myths Honda Battery Aventura

Due to the many components in cars that take power (heated seats, that premium stereo you have, and other neat things), the alternator will not recharge the battery as quickly. In fact, it can take several hours before your battery is completely recharged after a jump, especially in the cold winter months.

There are many things North Miami Beach drivers may have heard that was true about car maintenance years ago that isn’t true with today’s vehicles. Educate yourself about your particular car by reading the owner’s manual.

If you have any questions about car maintenance, speak with the experienced maintenance team at Honda of Aventura today. We proudly serve the North Miami Beach, Florida area.