All You Need to Know about the Honda FCV Concept
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Honda FCV Concept

All You Need to Know about the Honda FCV Concept

Honda FCV Concept DenisonHonda has consistently made strides to take environmental friendliness a step further, offering numerous hybrid vehicles in its lineup as well as several plug-in hybrids and EVs. The FCV Concept aims to truly optimize environmental friendliness with a brand-new powertrain that runs on hydrogen for zero emissions other than water. The current FCV concept is an updated and more realistic version of the FCEV concept that was unveiled in late 2013, showing that Honda is determined to create a vehicle that can truly be produced and sold for an affordable price without sacrificing the futuristic elements that make it unique.

About the Powertrain

As a fuel cell vehicle, the FCV Concept runs on hydrogen, and the concept’s powertrain shows how far Honda’s engineers have come. The fuel cell stack within this concept is a third the size of the FCX Clarity’s but manages to offer a power density that is 60 percent larger. This means that the powertrain can easily fit entirely in the front portion of the vehicle, meaning that you can easily fit five passengers and some cargo inside this vehicle, as opposed to other fuel cell options from other manufacturers that only seat four. According to Honda, you will be able to fill up the FCV Concept in only three minutes and travel 300 miles without refueling.

Overall Design and Styling

The FCV Concept is milder than the FCEV, but it is still innovative and futuristic. There is a full-width element on the face in the form of a chrome band hiding the primary lighting. There is now a fender vent and exterior mirrors along with shorter fender skirts. Inside the FCV’s cabin, there is a low floor, elegantly stitched seats, and the feeling of spaciousness. The metallic grille along the windshield’s inside base adds some style, and the unique steering wheel is in a hexagonal U-shape.

There will surely be a few more changes to the FCV Concept before it hits markets, probably at some point during 2016. No matter what is adjusted, however, the fuel cell stack and impressive environmental friendliness will remain the same, giving North Miami Beach, Florida, drivers a way to show their style without hurting the environment. The team at Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach can tell you more about the FCV Concept or help you sign up for an informational list.