6 Signs It's Time for Your Engine to Be Serviced
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6 Signs It’s Time for Your Engine to Be Serviced

Healthy Engine Tips Honda of Aventura Service Center

Getting your Honda engine serviced is a matter of feeling when you are behind the wheel. You can see what is going on with the car, and you can feel it as you drive. Consider all six things when you notice them, and you can bring the car in for a service. The car will last a lot longer, and you will save money overall. You also will be less likely to end up broken down on the side of the road!

Less Performance and Less Acceleration

Less performance and less overall acceleration are both signs that you need a service. You can get the car serviced the moment you notice it does not pick up like it should, or you will notice the next time you put your foot down on the highway and it does not do what you want it to do. You just need to be mindful of it when you are driving.

Less Gas Mileage and More Gas SmellHealthy Engine Tips Honda of Aventura Service Center

You need a service when you notice the gas smell as you drive, and lower fuel economy is a sign that you need to do something. Most people who are not mindful of this will have problems, and they will get into trouble because they do not bring the car in. You can recover the economy and get rid of the smell when you get the engine serviced right away.

More Odd Sounds and an Odd Gear Change

You can tell when the gear changes are bad, and you will notice when the car starts making sounds you do not recognize. You need to bring the car in at once, and you need to make sure that you have it looked at before the problem gets worse. Waiting too long will cause the car to get even more damaged to the point it will be expensive to repair.

If you notice any of these signs in your Honda, bring your car into the Honda of Aventura service center for service. The Honda Certified Technicians will repair your Honda right the first time. You will save money and keep the car for longer.