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5 Reasons Why the 2016 Honda CR-V is the Small SUV Best Buy

As any Honda CR-V owner can tell you, winning the Kelley Blue Book Small SUV Best Buy Award for the second year in a row comes as no surprise. Here is an SUV redesigned in 2015 that was 2016 Honda CR-Valready a pretty reliable model before that. North Miami Beach consumers looking for an SUV that’s not too big might want to check out the 2016 Honda CR-V. Here are some reasons why it won KBB’s Best Buy Award.

2016 Honda CR-Vs Cargo Space

For a small SUV, the 2016 Honda CR-V is extremely roomy. Cargo area is large with a low floor, and when the split second row seat is flipped and folded, cargo capacity doubles from 35.3 to 70.9 cubic feet. There is a pocket at the bottom of each door, a shelf in the middle of the door and a center console that opens to make more room. It seems that you can carry whatever you need for a nice little road trip.

2016 Honda CR-Vs Comfort

Smaller vehicles sometimes have a tendency to feel cramped. Not so the CR-V. The front seats are comfortable, are wide and give great support. The rear seats recline, the armrest folds down, and the rear vents give better cooling and heating.

2016 Honda CR-Vs Technology2016 Honda CR-V Aventura

The 2016 CR-V beat out the competition with its technology this year, too. Radar and camera-based active cruise control, collision mitigation, and blind-spot warning systems, as well as Honda Sensing are available.

2016 Honda CR-Vs Engineering

Cargo space is one area where Honda’s engineers did a lot with a small area. The placing of levers to create the doubling of space, the lip at the edge of the cargo opening so wayward jars don’t fall out when you get home from the grocery store, and the placement of the dash-mounted transmission selector are standouts. The CR-V stops, turns, and gets around better than other vehicles its size. Add in the tech features, and the CR-V was a top contender in its class.

2016 Honda CR-Vs Reputation

The Honda brand is a solid brand, and has been for years, but specific models have been hit and miss. However, the 2016 CR-V carries with it a reputation for quality and enjoyable driving. It has a strong resale value and costs less new than some used competitor vehicles.

If you are looking for a small SUV to drive around the North Miami Beach area, consider the 2016 Honda CR-V, winner of KBB’s Small SUV Best Buy Award.

To test drive the 2016 Honda SUV, speak with the experienced Honda team at North Miami Beach, Florida’s Honda of Aventura today.

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