2016 Honda CR-V is Designed to Keep You Safe - Honda Of Aventura Deals
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2016 Honda CR-V is Designed to Keep You Safe

2016 Honda CR-V Safety North Miami Beach Aventura

Residents of North Miami Beach are no stranger to seeing Hondas driving around everywhere. The Honda Civic and Accord are two of the most popular vehicles in the state of Florida but there’s a good chance that many Florida residents have yet to even recognize the 2016 Honda CR-V for being a Honda when they see it.

2016 Honda CR-V Style

The CR-V has been around for some time now and it has never had a bad year but the new body style is so fashion-forward that it’s easily being mistaken for something other than a Honda. Just ask the sales associates or detail crew at Honda of Aventura about the 2016 Honda CR-V and they’ll tell you just how popular and head-turning the 2016 Honda CR-V has been so far. The executives at Honda are proud of another feature: the safety.

2016 Honda CR-V Safety Ratings

First of all, it’s the recipient of an overall five-star rating from the NHTSA and that is actually a difficult standard to achieve as an automaker for vehicles that fall into the SUV class. The City Brake Active system is also a really cool feature on the new CR-V that can be incredibly useful in North Miami Beach traffic. What this feature essentially allows is the ability to prepare the vehicle to automatically brake for you and let off the brake when in a bumper to bumper traffic scenario.

2016 Honda CR-V Safety Technology

The Lane Keep Assist System is a very popular safety feature that North Miama Beach drivers are loving in the new CR-V. Honda of Aventura has been having a challenging time keeping many of the color and feature combinations of the new CR-V in stock as the vehicle is rapidly becoming incredibly popular in the state of Florida.

Head over to Honda of Avenura for a test drive of the 2016 Honda CR-V to see what makes the vehicle so popular and to also get a first-hand feel on how stable the vehicle is on the road.

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