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Terrible Things Car Miami

10 Terrible Things You Do to Your Car

Terrible Things Car MiamiAs a car owner, you try to take care of your vehicle, but everyone is guilty of occasionally treating his or her car poorly. Most of the time, these terrible things we do to our cars are simply because we don’t think about it or know any better. Other times, it is pure laziness. It is never too late to stop these bad habits and start caring for your car properly. Here are 10 of the most important things to avoid.

Waiting for Scheduled Maintenance

Never put off scheduled maintenance. The schedule in your owner’s manual is there for a reason, and following it ensures that every component of your Honda functions properly, keeping you safe and extending its lifespan.

Not Changing the Oil

While all scheduled maintenance is important, oil changes are one of the worst things people put off. Without regular oil changes, the oil in the engine accumulates dirt and debris, which can damage your engine. Dirty oil also reduces your engine’s efficiency.

Not Taking Care of Fluids

Oil gets the most attention, but coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluids are also important. If these aren’t checked regularly and replaced if needed, your Honda won’t operate at peak efficiency and is at a higher risk of developing issues.

Ignoring Your Check Engine Light

Many people have seen their check engine light at some point and thought, “I’ll take care of it next week.” This is a horrible idea since any engine issue can quickly get worse, leading to costly repairs or a complete breakdown. Ignoring the light can end with you stranded somewhere waiting for a tow.

Not Changing Filters

The air and fuel filters may seem like minor things, but changing them ensures that your ventilation system and engine aren’t contaminated with debris. In other words, they let everything function as it should.

Driving When Overheated

Just because you need to get somewhere doesn’t mean you should drive your car if it is overheated. This just puts extra strain on the engine, causing it to overheat more and putting you at an incredibly high risk of expensive damage.

Not Checking Tire Pressure

Any Miami auto expert will tell you to check your tire pressure at least once per month, but not everyone does this. Skipping this task can leave you with an undiagnosed leak or put you at risk of a blowout. At the very least, you may have low tire pressure, reducing your traction and efficiency.

Doing It Yourself

Saving money is appealing, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you attempt a car maintenance DIY that you aren’t trained for, you may end up doing more harm than good, leaving yourself with expensive repairs.

Hiring an Unqualified Miami Mechanic

Just because someone claims to be a mechanic doesn’t mean he or she the right qualifications. Only let people with experience and training working with Hondas work on your vehicle. Otherwise, you face the same risks as doing the maintenance yourself.

Choosing Aftermarket Parts

Third-party aftermarket parts are usually cheaper than original manufacturer ones, which makes them tempting. Picking these, however, leaves you with a low-quality product that may not work with your particular Honda. Choose genuine Honda parts and accessories for a warranty and assurance that it will function correctly.

To avoid these terrible things, bring your car to the service center at Honda of Aventura in North Miami Beach, Florida.